Thursday, October 15, 2009


Here is the current list of pre-production and production goals for Team Houdini.

By the end of the 2010 spring semester, we should have:
-All of our main characters (The Magician, Emily, The Rabbit, Monstercorn) modeled.
-Have at least preliminary versions of three environments modeled.
-Emily and The Rabbit rigged and ready for animation.
-A unified backlot for all assets we've created for pre-production and production.
-The all-important animatic finished.

David: Model and rig The Rabbit. Model the Magic Shop interior.
Krzys: Model and rig Emily. Model the Magic Shop exterior and surrounding street.
Michelle: Keep producing concept art for characters and environments. Maintain diplomatic relationships with other talents at SVA who may contribute their skills to production (a.k.a. Zhen). Hone killer animation skills to perfection.
Naomi: Model the two unicorns, rig Monstercorn. Model Emily's Room.
Team: Produce storyboards, animatic, and polished styleframes.

During the summer of 2010, we should aim to:
-Begin animation on the top-priority scenes of Rabbitkadabra.
-Finish modeling environments.
-Begin texuring and lighting.
-Model/rig peripheral characters.
-Meet at least once a week to compile our assets and track our progress, unless two or more team members are out of town or otherwise unavailable.

David: Model props for the Magic Shop and Emily's Room.
Krzys: Model the Magic Shop exterior and surrounding street. Model props.
Michelle: Animate the first scene with Emily and The Rabbit.
Naomi: Model and rig minor characters. Begin texturing main characters. Begin lighting and texturing environments.
Team: Dedicate all we've got to giving ourselves an excellent start to production proper.

-posted by Naomi

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